Minimally Invasive Dental Care


The objective of conservative dental treatment is to address dental issues using methods that preserve as much of the natural tooth structure as possible. This approach focuses on restoring teeth affected by decay, fractures due to trauma, or congenital anomalies. This is achieved by safeguarding the intact tooth structure and utilizing materials like composite fillings or hybrid ceramics. Among the common procedures are composite fillings, inlay – onlay ceramic restorations, and composite laminates (also known as bonding).

Composite fillings serve as an effective solution for cases involving tooth decay, cracks, and fractures. During this process, the decayed portion of the tooth is carefully removed and replaced with composite filling material.

Inlay – Onlay Ceramic Restorations are the preferred choice when the remaining tooth structure is inadequate for traditional fillings. Crafted from durable ceramic materials, these restorations surpass the strength of standard fillings. They are meticulously crafted in a dental laboratory using impressions taken from the patient’s mouth.

Composite laminates offer a versatile approach to address issues like fractures in the front teeth, closing gaps between teeth (diastema), or correcting minor irregularities. This technique involves applying composite material to achieve the desired aesthetic and functional outcomes.

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