Cosmetic Dentistry 


At Dentoper, we hold the belief that your smile reflects your unique personality. Through our Smile Makeover procedure, we combine a carefully selected set of dental treatments tailored to you. These treatments are carried out simultaneously to achieve a complete and optimal transformation of your smile

Employing an advanced Smile Design program, our team of dental experts utilize dental aesthetics along with alignment techniques based on the patient’s facial and anatomical attributes, smile curvature, and smile objectives. Factors like smile curvature, lip composition, tooth length, gum traits, and the balance between lips and teeth are of utmost significance during the smile design process. While devising your new smile, some or all the following procedures might be undertaken in tandem, resulting in a thorough and optimal transformation of your smile:

  • Tooth preparation to provide support for veneers or crowns
  • Professional teeth whitening
  • Tooth extraction
  • Adjustment of gum levels

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Your Smile is our Passion!

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