Dentoper Antalya

Advanced, Worry-Free, and Comprehensive Dental Solutions

Introducing our clinic, dedicated to delivering exceptional quality care across various fields of dental healthcare, with a special focus on aesthetics, surgical procedures, and preventive oral health practices.

Your Smile Begins Here, Smile More

In the pursuit of delivering your dream smile, Dentoper Antalya Turkey employs the forefront of technology and brings together a team of profoundly skilled dental specialists, each recognized for their work in their respective fields of restorative, surgical, and aesthetic dental care. Positioned along Antalya’s enchanting Turquoise Mediterranean Coast, our clinic boasts a central and accessible location in the city, ensuring a seamless commute to and from your appointments. Stepping into our clinic, you’ll encounter a harmonious blend of comfort and modernity, where cutting-edge technology ensures expedited, optimal results while providing a cozy and contemporary ambiance.

Our Departments

In our clinic, we provide detailed and personalized planning, overseen by a distinguished Professor of Dentistry for each patient. Our commitment extends to presenting a diverse range of customized solutions, tailored precisely to the unique needs of our valued patients.

Your Smile Begins Here, Smile More

We have various Cosmetic and Surgical dental solutions for a range of cases depending on your smile goals, oral health, bone health, personal preference, available time, and budget. Not only do we offer and specialize in various dental techniques, but we also offer the most trusted brands and materials for every budget.

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Travel, Treatment, Savings

Through our partnering health tourism agency, we offer our international patients the ultimate Treatment Holiday packages. Receive quality dental care from highly recognized dental specialists, at huge savings, all while enjoying a worry-free vacation on the beautiful Mediterranean coast.

Free Online Consultation

Enjoy a fast and convenient online consultation directly with a Professor of Dentistry. Through photographs and video calls the dental team will be able to provide an initial assessment and provide you with a Recommended Treatment Plan along with all available treatment options.

Get Your Treatment Plan

Whether you participate in the online consultation or not, we will send you full details along with associated prices and what to expect via email based on your desired or recommended treatment plan.

Travel Arrangements

We work with many hotels in Antalya to include resort, city, and boutique style hotels in different areas of the city. Based on your travel preferences and budget we provide you with a custom holiday and treatment package to include accommodation and flights.

Begin Your Treatment

Most treatments require 3-4 visits to the clinic for which you will be collected from your hotel and taken to the clinic in a VIP transfer van each time. Full details and what to expect for your specific treatment is provided to you in your Recommended Treatment Plan.

Enjoy Your Vacation

You will have plenty of time in between appointments to enjoy all the wonders of Antalya. Our supporting administrative team has years of experience in dental tourism, foreign patient management, local tourism, and is fluent in English, German, Russian and Turkish. We are only a phone call away if you need anything for the duration of your stay.


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