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In the pursuit of delivering your dream smile, Dentoper Antalya Turkey employs the forefront of technology and brings together a team of profoundly skilled dental specialists, each recognized for their work in their respective fields of restorative, surgical, and aesthetic dental care. Positioned along Antalya’s enchanting Turquoise Mediterranean Coast, our clinic boasts a central and accessible location in the city, ensuring a seamless commute to and from your appointments. Stepping into our clinic, you’ll encounter a harmonious blend of comfort and modernity, where cutting-edge technology ensures expedited, optimal results while providing a cozy and contemporary ambiance.

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We provide treatments with our expert doctors who graduated from one of Turkey’s most prestigious universities in the field of Dentistry.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Contrary to common belief, cleaning the tooth stone is not harmful to the teeth. On the contrary, if the tooth stone is not cleaned, a process from gum recession and bone loss to tooth loss is encountered.

The primary cause of bleeding gums is tartar and plaque buildup. Bleeding may also occur in cases such as systemic drugs, some diseases, or pregnancy.

The first primary tooth eruption in children starts at 6 months and ends at approximately 26 months. The first control of these milk teeth should be done at approximately the 30th month, that is, around the age of 2.5-3.

In lamina treatments, some abrasion is done only on the front surfaces of the teeth. Since the side edges and backs are not touched, the teeth are treated with minimal abrasion, sometimes without any abrasion.

Zirconium is an extremely durable, aesthetic material in white color. Since the gingival compatibility is good, it does not cause discoloration and inflammation in the gingiva. It can be used as a substructure in porcelain crowns. In some cases, it is used in monolithic crowns made of zirconium only. These monolithic restorations are especially preferred in patients with high chewing force and insufficient distance.

Implants are artificial tooth roots made of titanium that are placed in the place of lost teeth and are placed in the jawbone in a concise operation under local anesthesia. With the help of various types of fixed or removable prostheses to be made on this artificial tooth root, ideal aesthetic, health, and function criteria are tried to be achieved.

The most advantageous part of transparent plaques compared to metal wires is that they are
aesthetic. In addition, there is no restriction on eating and drinking, and brushing is easier. The
advantage of metal wires is that they impose less responsibility on the patient as they are not

Although there is no single cause of bad breath, the most important reason is the lack of oral hygiene. Flossing in addition to daily brushing helps reduce bad breath. In addition, thirst or stomach problems such as gastritis and ulcers can cause bad breath.

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The dental team comprises highly esteemed professionals who are widely recognized for their expertise in cosmetic dentistry and oral surgery. With a remarkable collective experience of over 45 years, they have established a reputation for excellence in their respective fields.